Next Level of Chemical Simulations

At Quantum on Demand, we develop the next level of chemical simulations, powered by quantum simulations and artificial intelligence. Our cloud-based solution gives our customers a significant competitive advantage by simplifying and accelerating the development of chemical and pharmaceutical products.

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All-in-One Solution

Quantum on Demand combines innovative, cloud-based simulation technologies with an intuitive user interface and the highest security standards. Never before computational chemistry has been so easy: whether it's simulating syntheses, design novel materials, or predict chemical or physical properties.

  • Quantum Computing

    Cloud & Quantum Computing

    We believe that the digitalization of chemical and pharmaceutical product development can only succeed with a decentralized and scalable solution. There are three reasons for this:

    • Both integration efforts and costs for on-premise software and hardware are extremely high.

    • Simulation needs of the industry are situational, which makes the acquisition of local solutions even more unattractive.

    • As soon as quantum computers are available, their full advantages can only be exploited via a cloud-based solution.

  • Chemistry Simulation Algorithms

    Chemical Simulation Algorithms

    The world of chemical simulations offers a wide range of powerful tools to accelerate chemical and pharmaceutical product development. Within our plattform, we combine state-of-the-art simulation algorithms ranging from conventional methods like DFT or Post-HF to modern hybrid quantum algorithms.

  • Intuitive Web App

    All you need to use our cloud-based solution is an up-to-date webbrowser. There is no need for any kind of local installation, software updates or maintenance. With a few clicks you can easily simulate syntheses, design novel materials, predict chemical and physical properties and much more.

  • Workflow-Designer

    The heart of our solution is our Workflow Designer, which enables the interactive modeling of experimental series. Chemical structures of any kind can easily be subjected to numerous simulations and analyses. Starting with a simple structure optimization, over to spectral analyses, reaction predictions and material designs, up to molecular properties. Furthermore, it can easily be integrated into your existing ecosystem via our RESTful API.

  • Compound Library

    Quantum on Demand offers an extensive database of chemical structures with over 100 million entries. Users can import these into the workflow designer with a simple click and interactively subject them to numerous analyses. In addition, it is possible both to upload individual compounds or to create them from scratch, if a desired molecule is not available, yet.

  • RESTful API

    Right from the start, Quantum on Demand was designed to be used equally as a browser-based webapp and via an interface. Without exception, all of our features and tools are accessible and usable via our RESTful API. Our public documentation enables our customers and partners to easily integrate our solution into their ecosystems.

  • IT Security by Design

    IT security is an essential part of Quantum on Demand's SaaS solution. We follow a strict security approach to guarantee the highest possible data protection. Only the most proven and state-of-the-art encryption technologies are used to prevent third parties from accessing sensitive data.

Customer Benefits

  • Accelerate Product Development

    Quantum on Demand empowers you to drastically reduce the time to market of your new drugs, novel chemicals or innovative materials. Chemical simulations help to steer laboratory-based development in the right direction right from the start by avoiding countless analog test series. This saves our customer's time, money and also protects the environment in a significant way.

  • Two Clouds

    No Installation or Maintenance

    With Quantum on Demand there is neither the need to invest in on-premises server capabilities, nor it is necessary to install or maintain highly specialized software. All you need to access our cloud-based solution is an up-to-date web browser. With a few clicks you can easily simulate syntheses, design novel materials, predict chemical or physical properties and much more.

  • Globe and Browser window in front

    Usable From all Over the Globe

    In times like these, where physical presence at work is not mandatory anymore, you need a flexible solution, which adopts to your custom needs. Our software is browser-based, allowing you to work freely and without limitations from anywhere at any time. Furthermore, our RESTful API offers the possibility to seamlessly integrate our solution into your own ecosystem.


  • Pill and glass


    When it comes to planning or optimizing chemical syntheses or retrosyntheses, Quantum on Demand is the right partner. Easily predict possible outcomes of a chemical reaction or predict the reagents starting from a product.

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  • Atomium with a cube in the center

    Material Science

    To make the research and development of new and innovative materials more efficient, Quantum on Demand offers a wide range of possibilities for simulating and designing materials. Be it the prediction of optical absorptions or electronic and structural properties.

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  • Stylized Pie Chart

    Analytical Chemistry

    Quantum on Demand offers the full range of simulation-based spectra, ranging from IR to NMR over to Raman spectra. Whether it is spectral analyses, the evaluations of conformers, thermodynamics, or something else.

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  • Molecular Discovery

    Quantum on Demand enables the simple and intuitive simulation of molecular properties, starting with acidity, ionization potential, electron affinity or chemical reactivity.

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