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Next Generation of Chemical Simulations

Our Offer

Quantum on Demand is a web-based platform for the next generation of chemical simulations based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and quantum simulations for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Web Application

With our easy to use web application, everybody can leverage the power of chemical simulations – without being an expert in simulations or having the necessary infrastructure.

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Our RESTful API is the corner stone of Quantum on Demand. It gives you full access to the power of our simulation framework. With our API, you can easily integrate our solution into your own software.

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Our Technology

We combine state of the art prediction methods from the fields of quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics and cutting edge AI algorithms to deliver the fastest and most accurate predictions possible.

Quantum Simulations

Artificial Intelligence

Secure IT-Infrastructure

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with Quantum on Demand?

With Quantum on Demand, you can predict parts of your lab experiment to reduce costs and accelerate your R&D to decrease the time to market of your new products.

What can I predict with Quantum on Demand?

With Quantum on Demand, you can easily predict chemical and physical properties of chemical and biochemical compounds. The current feature set includes, among others, spectra, structures, thermodynamics and reactions. This feature set is constantly extended. If you are interested in any further properties and predicions, do not hesitate to contact us.

How can I use Quantum on Demand?

Quantum on Demand can be used in various ways. You can use our product via our easy to use web application. As an alternative, we provide a RESTful API, so that Quantum on Demand can be integrated into any software.

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